Agenda of the technical program
Phase 1 Finite element modelling of SAFE specimens - 4 scaled models are considered
(unique geometrical configuration, 4 reinforcement ratios)
16/01/2015 Specifications release
22/01/2015 1st webinar: presentation of CASH and technical Q&A (9am and 4pm UTC+1)
22/06/2015 2nd webinar: Q&A on phase 1 programme
Preliminary presentation of 2nd phase specifications open to discussions
30/06/2015 Result submission for tasks 1, 2, 3:
1. Pushover analyses, mesh discretization sensitivity
2. Static reverse (cyclic) loading
3. Seismic transient analyses seismic loading
15/11/2015 Reply for Workshop Participation
3/ 4 Dec.2015 1st Workshop in Paris - FRANCE. Conclusions of phase 1 and introduction to phase 2
Phase 1B Phase 1 extension
24/06/2016 Reception of the CASH participant responses
01/07/2016 Release of the specification for the Phase 1B
01/08/2016 Result submission the Phase 1B
Phase 2 Finite element modelling of a full scale shear wall from a real structure
Aug 2016 Specifications release
Oct 2016 Result submission for the pushover analysis
End Oct. 2016 Intermediate webinar for phase 2 first results
First week of March 2017 Result submission for the spectral and pushover analysis
End March 2017 Intermediate webinar for phase 2 first results
Mid-May 2017 Result submission of the non-linear dynamic analysis
1st and 2nd June 2017 Workshop #2